Digital Health and WellBeing

Research at the Digital H&W Center is committed to promoting the "research-innovation" pipeline for digital, sustainable, safe healthcare for all.

In line with Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK)'s mission, which is to achieve results of scientific excellence and to produce an impact on society, and with a view to a system approach, the Digital Health and Wellbeing Center directs its research along two complementary lines:

  1. scientific research of excellence in the study of techniques and methodologies of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence applied to health and healthcare (Digital Health)

  2. social and technological innovation to positively impact the local community (through the Trento Province Healthcare System - APSS - and the ecosystem of companies operating in ICT), as well as the national (SSN) and international communities.

FBK is a top Research Institute in Italy, with a community of over 400 researchers and 120 doctoral students; organized in 2 scientific hubs dedicated to technology and to human and social sciences, FBK aims to excel in science with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and social impact.